Bounce Back


Bounce Back is open to everyone, anywhere, to read the principles, policies, and platforms of their politicians, and those of their opponents, directly from them.


Mission Statement:

To promote an understanding of American political civics and to provide an outlet for candidates to market themselves and their ideas.


If you don’t see your politicians’ or town’s account listed let them know you want to see it, on Bounce Back, the Town Hall For All!


Bounce Back offers politicians the opportunity to connect directly with their constituents in real-time to discuss their voting record as well as their concerns and plans for the future. Future candidates will be able to write how they would be a better choice in the next election.


Bounce Back offers you, the voter, the opportunity to hear directly from all your politicians in one web site without being subjected to editorials or visitor comments. At Bounce Back we help you to formulate your own opinions on public policy and politicians based upon building a solid foundation of history and the facts.

Local Governments

Town, city, and state governments are also invited to open up accounts to inform their citizens what they need to know, whether it’s time to register their dog or when the next select board meeting is scheduled.

New Candidates

Educate Yourself

Everyone can visit our Educational section to have fun, and learn, with our online games involving the US Constitution as well as brushing up on historical events that affect our lives today.

Sound off in the Forums

Politics & Elections

Reform, funding, scandal, promises, new candidates, etc... Another day, another election cycle in America. The next one starts before the last one ends. Tell us what you think.

Health Care

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Easily one of the most important and debated issues in America today.

Social Issues

Gun Control, Abortion, LGBTQ Rights, Social Justice, Prison Reform, and more.


Wall Street, Debt, Deficit. So much of politics and our every day lives, really all comes down to money.

Entertainment & Media

How does the media help or corrupt our perspective on real life?

Did You Know?

It is not against the law for a politician to lie.